Welcome to Yourself!

We're starting a new run of burlesque classes coming up November 14th! You can come to one, or come to all!!

You can join us at whichever class time suits your schedule! Classes run 90 minutes.

Class times are as follows:

Monday 1:00pm;

Monday 6:30pm

Friday 1:00pm;

Friday 6:30pm

Wear comfortable shoes, but get ready to feel amazingly sexy! (heels optional)

Please bring your own water.

Classes are drop in, but a heads up if you're coming is appreciated. Classes run 90 minutes.

NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We are here to have a good time, boost our self-esteem, and enjoy being women. 

You do NOT need to perform. This is for class only!

So grab a girlfriend and $10, and join us for a class! Hope you can make it!

What is burlesque? Burlesque is sexy! Burlesque is comedy! Burlesque is dancing! Burlesque is tease! But mostly, Burlesque is a ton of fun.

Do something that is just for YOU. See you at our new class space!